Perched on the sun-kissed shores of Malibu, California, Point Dume is a spectacular neighborhood that exudes a unique blend of beachfront luxury and laid-back coastal charm. Tucked between the sparkling Pacific Ocean and the rugged Santa Monica Mountains, this community offers a lifestyle that is as beautiful as its natural surroundings.


Point Dume has a rich and vibrant history. The area takes its name from the Point Dume promontory, named by George Vancouver in 1793 in honor of Padre Francisco Dumetz of Mission San Buenaventura. Vancouver's map inaccurately listed the name as "Dume", an error that has persisted to today. In the early 1980s, real estate developers attempted to introduce a new pronunciation, "du-MAY", and a modified spelling, "Dumé". However, these changes failed to catch on. Over the years, it has evolved from a quaint coastal village into a coveted residential enclave known for its tranquil ambiance and breathtaking beauty.

Living in Point Dume:

Life in Point Dume is both relaxed and luxurious. Residents enjoy a strong sense of community, heightened by local events and a shared love for the stunning natural environment. The neighborhood offers a range of essential conveniences and locally-owned businesses that provide a convenient and enjoyable living experience. It's also known for being a safe and secure area, making it a perfect choice for families and individuals alike.

Real Estate Landscape

The real estate market in Point Dume is diverse and prestigious, boasting an array of properties from grand estates to charming beachfront homes. Many of these residences flaunt unique architectural styles that blend seamlessly with the stunning natural backdrop. Despite market fluctuations, Point Dume's real estate continues to be a solid investment, owing to its desirable location, quality of life, and undying appeal.

Natural and Recreational Attractions

Point Dume is home to a wealth of natural and recreational attractions. The Point Dume Natural Preserve offers spectacular hiking trails leading to an ancient coastal bluff sand dune with panoramic ocean views. The Point Dume State Beach is a favorite among residents, known for its pristine sands, superb surf, and opportunities for whale watching. One of California's most famous beaches too, Zuma Beach, is situated directly next to Point Dume offering a sprawling sandy shoreland perfect for sunbathing. The area's rich biodiversity, including various bird species and marine life, adds to its charm, making it a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Educational Institutions

Education in Point Dume is top-notch, with several reputable schools serving the area. A notable institution is the Point Dume Marine Science Elementary School, known for its commitment to providing high-quality education with a unique focus on environmental studies and marine science.

Notable Residents and Pop Culture

Point Dume has been home to numerous celebrities over the years, adding a dash of Hollywood glamour to the neighborhood. It has also graced the silver screen in various films and TV shows, making it a recognizable backdrop for pop culture enthusiasts. 

With its idyllic location, luxurious homes, robust community, and array of amenities, Point Dume offers a unique and highly desirable lifestyle. Its enduring charm and appeal make it not only a wonderful place to live but also a promising locale for real estate investment. Whether you're seeking

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