Escondido beach, this residential stretch of homes sitting right off PCH is known for being home to some of the most expensive estates in all of Malibu. With spectacular large properties tucked away within wooded areas, many of the parcels are multiple acres running from the bluff at PCH to the ocean below.  This is a highly sought-after area by both celebrities and billionaire elites. These homes typically feature spectacular views of both Point Dume and the southern Malibu Coast. It is also just down the beach from the famous Paradise Cove Beach Cafe and within close driving distance to magnificent restaurants and great shopping.

Living in Escondido

This charming enclave offers a delightful sense of community with a strong bond among its residents. Here there is a wealth of outdoor pursuits that cater to all interests, including surfing, swimming, and sunbathing on the beach. The captivating views of Point Dume during the day provide a mesmerizing backdrop, while at night, the dazzling splendor of the sparkling Queen's Necklace is nothing short of breathtaking.

Fine dining and shopping options abound in the area, with establishments such as the elegant blufftop restaurant Geoffrey's, which showcases exquisite cuisine and panoramic views. Nearby attractions are plentiful and diverse, ranging from the historic Malibu Pier and the picturesque Malibu Lagoon State Beach to the stunning Getty Villa.

For those who crave outdoor adventure, there are ample opportunities to explore the natural beauty of the region. Hiking in the nearby Santa Monica Mountains or golfing at the prestigious Malibu Country Club are just a few examples. Nature enthusiasts may even catch a glimpse of the magnificent Gray Whales during their southern migration between February and April.

In short, Escondido Beach offers a perfect blend of tranquility and excitement, with an abundance of activities and attractions that cater to everyone.


Before its incorporation in 1888, the area that would later become Escondido was known as Rincon del Diablo, which roughly translates to "the devil's corner." This name was given because the land was not owned by either the San Diego or San Luis Rey missions and thus, was considered to belong to the devil. However, following its incorporation, the region was given a new and more fitting name, Escondido, meaning "hidden" in Spanish. Escondido is often called the Hidden Valley.

The land was mainly used for livestock grazing, particularly for cattle and sheep, as well as for cultivating grapes and citrus fruits. In 1886, the Escondido Land & Town Company acquired the land, and the development of the city began.

The construction of the 100-room Escondido Hotel marked the beginning of the city's progress and evolution. In 1950, the construction of Highway 395 facilitated the connection between San Diego and Escondido, leading to the transformation of the city into a residential and commuting hub. As a result, the once-flourishing groves were gradually replaced by a thriving housing industry.

Escondido Beach can be the ideal choice for you if you're seeking a beautiful and Luxurious neighborhood with a strong sense of community. This Malibu hidden gem offers it all.  Don't pass up the chance to live in one of Southern California's most sought-after neighborhoods.

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