This house (below) designed by Gwathmey Siegel in Malibu showcases streamlined modernist forms paired with rich detailing. Charles Gwathmey highlights the counterpoint between sculptural elements, like the stairway, and the rectilinear frame of the house. The house is situated on a site defined by the Pacific Coast Highway to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the south. With its unique design, it establishes a literal and psychological transformation from highway to beach, engaging all of the outdoor spaces and the ocean.

 Gwathmey Siegel Malibu Home

1930s Beach House Redesigned by Michael S. Smith: This house, positioned in the historic Malibu Colony, was redesigned by Michael S. Smith for film producer Donna Arkoff Roth. The house captures the 1930s essence of a Malibu beach house, with the sunroom, or teahouse as it's known in Malibu Colony, serving as the family room and summer hub​.

Michael S. Smith Donna Arkkoff

1978 Beach House Renovated by Richard Kaléh: This beach house, constructed in 1978 by architect David Lawrence Gray, was later renovated by designer Richard Kaléh for Cindy and Tony Canzoneri. The distinct angled, step-back façade was designed to maximize the view of the entire Santa Monica Bay to the south​.

Richard Kaleh Malibu Home

Italian Renaissance-style Residence Owned by Cher: This Malibu house, designed in the style of Italian Renaissance, was decorated by Cher in collaboration with designer Ron Wilson. The singer-actress Cher describes the house as extremely comfortable, akin to the house wrapping its arms around her. She was also heavily involved in the landscape design of the property.

Cher Malibu Home

Richard Dean Anderson’s Residence: This Malibu house was designed with the intent to echo the ambiance of a midwestern farmhouse, reflecting owner Richard Dean Anderson's upbringing in Minneapolis. The design was crafted by architects Erik Evens and Patricia Baker of KAA Design Group, and interior designer Adaline Fagen of Espace Design. The house features ocean views from an outdoor living area and a pool pavilion​​.

Richard Dean Anderson Malibu Home

House Designed by Michael Graves: The house, designed by architect Michael Graves for an entertainment executive and his wife, holds its own among houses designed by illustrious architects like Charles Gwathmey and Richard Meier. The symmetrical design is a testament to Graves' love of classicism and the owners' desire to have an ocean view immediately upon entering the house​​.

Michael Gaves Home Malibu

Richard Landry's Barn-Inspired House: Architect Richard Landry used the barns of his native Quebec as inspiration for this house he designed for himself and his partner. The house features a pool with a corrugated-aluminum shell, reminiscent of an old water tank, and decking made from redwood​.

RIchard Landry Malibu Home