With spring and summer coming up, many people flock to the shores of Malibu to see its pristine beaches, catch the best surf in California, and see some of the beautiful homes and Malibu real estate while taking a Sunday drive down the PCH. However, you can also find some of the best shopping that L.A. has to offer. Whether you're looking for high-end fashion, handmade local crafts, quaint boutiques, or gourmet eateries, Malibu has it all! Here’s our list of the hottest shopping destinations in Malibu and some of our local recommendations.

Trancas Country Market:

1 Trancas Country Market

Furthest West and on the farthest point of Malibu lies Trancas Country Market. If you plan on spending a beach day at Zuma Beach, Trancas Country Market provides a quick stop to pick up some supplies for a beach picnic, easy walkability to see some of the local boutiques, and if you forget your surfboard or bathing suit, a place to pick up any beach supplies or gear you may need. The market feels like a rustic country village, perfect for those looking to escape the cement jungle of Los Angeles and experience something a little more peaceful. You might even catch a glimpse of some of the latest real estate listings in Malibu, CA, just up the road.

Vintage Grocers:

2 Vintage Grocers

This market is a community-focused grocery store with a wide array of gourmet foods, artisanal products, and organic staples. The hot food bar is always top-notch, and the store also features sustainable seafood and a fresh bakery. Make sure to try the chewy chocolate chip cookies, a personal favorite.

SweetBu Candy Co:

3 Sweet Bu Candy Co

SweetBu Candy Co. is a delightful candy store that brings a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to the high-end shopping scene in Malibu. The store is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth or are looking for a fun, unique, and vibrant gift.

Malibu Brewing Company:

4 Malibu Brewing Company

What pairs better with your Sunday beach day than a frosty beer! Malibu Brewing Company is the only brewing company that brews its beers in the relaxed coastal setting of Malibu. They have a range of beers to choose from, from refreshing lagers to hearty IPAs. With its seaside atmosphere, the local pub is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy some of the local flavors the store offers.

Drill Surf and Skate:

5 Drill Surf and Skate

Drill is the go-to spot to find all of the best beach gear in Western Malibu. Whether you need a new board, some trunks, a wetsuit, or surfboard/skateboard, this store has it all. Drill is committed to quality and serves as a hotspot connecting locals and enthusiasts alike to beach culture and their favorite hobbies.

Nati Boutique:

6 Nati Boutique

Nati Boutique in Malibu, located in the Trancas Shopping Market, is the brainchild of Anat "Nati" Winston, who moved from Israel to Los Angeles 30 years ago and started her entrepreneurial journey selling select products from her car trunk. Awarded Best Women’s Malibu Boutique for three consecutive years, the store reflects her impeccable taste with a mix of cozy, affordable fashion staples and seasonal trends, updated weekly. Since establishing her first store, Nati's brand has grown to include additional locations in Venice, another in Malibu, and a boutique in Soho, NYC, all ensuring a delightful shopping experience whether online or in-person. This boutique is a favorite among the best Malibu realtors for its unique offerings.

Sea Lily:

7 Sea Lily Malibu

Sea Lily Malibu, located in Trancas Country Mart, is a beloved floral design studio led by Caytlyn McCloskey, who was born and raised in Malibu. Since its establishment in 2006, Caytlyn has realized her dream of running her own business in the community she loves, offering bespoke floral designs tailored to individual customer preferences and frequently sourcing local flowers. The studio is renowned for its unique selection of blooms and indoor house plants, along with carefully chosen home goods and crystals, making it a go-to destination for creating exquisite arrangements for all occasions.



Point Dume Village:

8 Point Dume Plaza

Located near the stunning Point Dume State Beach, Point Dume Village provides a cozy and convenient shopping environment. This small yet diverse shopping center features a mix of services, including yoga studios, beauty salons, and a well-loved local pharmacy. There are also several eateries where you can enjoy fresh seafood or organic café options. It's a great place to pick up essentials or enjoy a quiet coffee after a walk on the beach. If you are looking for homes for sale in Point Dume, Point Dume village offers both luxury and convenience.


9 Lily's Cafe Malibu

Lily's Malibu is a Latin restaurant that originated from the vision of its founder, Lily, who emigrated from El Salvador to Southern California in pursuit of the American dream. Disturbed by the local Hispanic cuisine's lack of authentic flavor and quality, Lily took over a Malibu bakery with the goal of introducing genuine Spanish flavors to the area. This establishment evolved into what is now known as Lily’s Malibu, officially transitioning into a restaurant in 1999. Committed to her initial principles, Lily ensures each dish, especially the notably hearty burritos, is prepared with fresh vegetables, premium seasonings, and a focus on protein over fillers. Today, Lily’s Malibu stands as a beacon of authentic, quality Latin cuisine. This is a local favorite among surfers, malibu realtors, and all people who love surf, sand, and good food!

SunLife Organics:

Sunlife Organics 2

SunLife Organics in Malibu's Point Dume is not just a juice bar; it's a destination where founder Khalil Rafati's mission to love, heal, and inspire comes to life. After overcoming personal challenges through the power of natural nutrition, Khalil launched the store in 2011 with a focus on organic, nourishing products. The menu features local favorites like the Wolverine smoothie, Billion Dollar Bowl, and a variety of organic juices that promise both taste and health benefits. SunLife Organics aims to provide a community space for genuine connection and personal growth, emphasizing a commitment to high-quality, organic ingredients and the overall well-being of its patrons.

Le Cafe De La Plage:

11 Le Cafe De La Plage

Perfect for a coffee before your early morning surf session, Le Cafe De La Plage is a perfect destination! Le Cafe de la Plage in Point Dume, Malibu, offers a serene beachside dining experience that captures the essence of the California coast. This charming café specializes in French-inspired cuisine with a focus on fresh, local ingredients, serving everything from expertly crafted coffees to exquisite pastries and light meals. With its inviting atmosphere and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, Le Cafe de la Plage is the perfect spot for a relaxing breakfast or lunch, making it a favorite among both locals and visitors seeking a taste of Malibu's laid-back luxury.



Malibu Country Mart:

12 Malibu Country Mart

As we work our way towards the Eastern End of Malibu, we begin to immerse ourselves in some of the more popular retail centers of the area. Malibu Country Mart is probably the most famous area in Malibu to find clothing, whether it be from high-end fashion designers or handmade select pieces. You can find yourself wandering around the area catching a breeze of the pleasant outdoor shopping. There is a quaint park to take a break, and you can also wander across the street to Surfrider Beach and see the famous Malibu Lagoon. The area has a chill, relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy both the pleasantries of nature and also some of Malibu’s renowned luxury. There are over 50 retail stores here to choose from, but here are just a few of our favorites.

Malibu Shaman:

13 Malibu Shaman

Malibu Shaman is a local favorite for its unique mix of eclectic handcrafted jewelry and fine crystals. The store also includes fine incense to decorate your new home and a wide assortment of books on philosophy and spirituality. The store serves as a beacon into the local community for personal growth and spiritual development.

Heroes Motors:

14 Heroews Motors Malibu

Heroes Motors is a unique shop that specializes in classic and custom motorbikes. Whether you need restoration or customization of a motorbike or would like to see the fine craftsmanship of modern and vintage classics, this is the perfect place for any motorbike enthusiast. You can also find a curated selection of art, sculptures, books, and classic Americana biker clothing.

Chrome Hearts:

15 Chrome Hearts Malibu

Chrome Hearts is a local brand famous for its luxurious gothic-inspired jewelry, leather, and apparel. Each piece here is meticulously crafted to blend artistry with a garnish of an edgy aesthetic. Being the flagship store, here you can find showcased high-end, handcrafted pieces that appeal to fashion connoisseurs around the world. The interior of the store is custom designed with a rocker chic vibe that matches the brand's style.

Double RL & Co:

16 Double RRL

Double RL & Co. in Malibu, part of the exclusive lineup at the Malibu Country Mart, represents a unique facet of the Ralph Lauren brand, known for its dedication to vintage-inspired, American heritage wear. This boutique offers a carefully curated selection of high-quality denim, workwear, and premium accessories that evoke the rugged spirit of the old West and early Americana. Double RL & Co. is distinctive within the Ralph Lauren family for its commitment to authenticity, using artisanal fabrication techniques and materials. The brand's limited distribution makes each store a rare find, appealing to discerning customers who appreciate meticulous design and timeless style, making the Malibu location a sought-after destination for exclusive fashion pieces.

Johns Garden:

17 Johns Garden Malibu

John's Garden in Malibu has evolved from its humble beginnings in 1955 as a door-to-door produce delivery service to a beloved local eatery at the Malibu Country Mart since 1975. Originally a fruit stand founded by John Musante and his sons, it now offers a range of fresh sandwiches, salads, soups, and shakes under the stewardship of Boyan Kinov, who took over in 2013 after working there for five years. Alongside his brother Kalin and friend Ivo Spirov, Boyan continues the tradition of serving high-quality, health-conscious meals, including modern additions like acai bowls and healthy drinks. Embracing the community-centric spirit of "Be Good Out There," John's Garden remains a cherished spot for both longtime locals and new visitors to gather and enjoy simple, delicious food.

Taverna Tony:

18 Taverna Tony Malibu

Taverna Tony in Malibu is a vibrant Greek restaurant that captures the essence of Mediterranean hospitality right in the heart of Malibu Country Mart. Known for its lively atmosphere and authentic Greek cuisine, the restaurant offers a feast of traditional dishes like moussaka, spanakopita, and freshly grilled seafood, all accompanied by the sounds of live Greek music. Make sure to try the lemon potatoes, truly some of the best in the world. The colorful decor and warm, welcoming service make Taverna Tony a favorite dining destination for those seeking a genuine taste of Greece, complete with robust flavors and festive spirit. Whether you're enjoying a family meal or a lively dinner with friends, Taverna Tony provides an unforgettable experience of Mediterranean charm and culinary delight.



Malibu Village:

19 Malibu Village

Just a stone's throw from Malibu Country Mart, Malibu Village offers a complementary but distinctive shopping experience. This collection of refined stores and restaurants is meticulously curated to provide a taste of Malibu’s stylish and leisurely lifestyle. From trendy fashion boutiques to artisanal coffee shops, Malibu Village is an excellent place for those looking to spend a leisurely day exploring a variety of high-end shops and enjoying the sunny ambiance. 


20 Vibae Malibu

Here you will find a shoe store like no other in the whole world. This family-owned business makes comfortable footwear that is ecological, ergonomic, and ethically made. Every shoe is handmade in Portugal and designed in Malibu by Ludo Malmoux. The concept is a comfortable yet stylish shoe that can be worn in any environment. This is the perfect place to buy a pair of new shoes or sandals before your outing at the beach!

Zadig & Voltaire:

21 Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire in Malibu is a boutique known for its edgy and luxurious fashion. The brand here focuses on chic, everyday clothing that embody a casual-cool aesthetic. All materials are top of the line and each item is made with detailed craftsmanship. They try to make fashion-forward pieces that reflect a liberated, rock-inspired lifestyle.

Surfing Cowboys:

22 Surfing Cowboys Malibu

The clothing here blends surf and a rugged Americana aesthetic. There is a selection of curated casual wear, graphic tees, designer denim, and surf-inspired accessories that cater to surfers and modern adventurers alike. Their select items embody the spirit of the California Coast that suits a free bold lifestyle.

Red Ladder Gallery:

23 Red Ladder Gallery

If you need artwork to decorate your new Malibu home, be sure to stop by the Red Ladder Gallery. Here you can find art by Malibu local Eamon Harrington. Harrington, a self-taught painter based in Malibu, transitioned from an Emmy-winning TV director and producer to painting daily, finding a profound sense of freedom in the solitary act of creation. His gallery aims to celebrate diverse artistic endeavors and serves as a community hub where art is accessible to everyone, from Hollywood celebrities to casual admirers. The gallery's dynamic setup features Harrington's colorful works floor to ceiling, reflecting his unpretentious approach to both art and its presentation. 

Broad Street Oyster Co:

24 Broad Street Oyster Co

Broad Street Oyster Co. in Malibu is renowned for its fresh, sustainable seafood offerings. Situated in a laid-back, coastal setting, this popular eatery specializes in a variety of seafood dishes, including their signature lobster rolls, freshly shucked oysters, and a curated selection of craft beers and wines. Their mission is to provide patrons with the highest quality, sustainably sourced seafood in a casual, inviting atmosphere, emphasizing the importance of supporting responsible fishing practices and local suppliers.



Malibu Colony Plaza:

25 Malibu Colony Plaza

For a more streamlined and functional shopping experience, Malibu Colony Plaza is the go-to spot. Located conveniently on the Pacific Coast Highway, this plaza is home to practical amenities such as supermarkets, drugstores, and banks. However, it also features a selection of specialty stores and eateries, making it an ideal spot for quick stops or grabbing essentials during your stay in Malibu. Also just down the road is Malibu Colony, with some of the best Malibu real estate the area has to offer!


Becker Malibu 2

Becker Malibu is the go-to surf hub in the eastern side of Malibu. Here you will find a blend of casual surf gear, designer surf tees and dress shirts, custom surfboards, and everything you need before you hit the waves at Surfrider Beach. If you need help picking out the board, be sure to talk to Malibu legend Mitch Taylor and he can hook you up with something perfect for your style and level. The store is often recommended by real estate agents in Malibu, CA for its great selection of surf gear.

Malibu Yogurt:

27 Malibu Yoghurt

Malibu Yogurt in Malibu is a popular frozen yogurt shop known for its delightful variety of flavors and toppings, rather than making clothes. This sweet spot serves up a range of options from classic vanilla and chocolate to innovative seasonal flavors, all customizable with a wide array of toppings. They offer a fun and personalized treat experience, promoting happiness and community connection through the joy of frozen yogurt.

Bui Sushi:

28 Bui Sushi

Bui Sushi in Malibu offers a vibrant and welcoming dining atmosphere, perfect for both casual lunches and intimate dinners. Known for its fresh sushi and sashimi, the restaurant also serves popular dishes such as the spicy tuna on crispy rice and the Bui roll, which are local favorites. With its friendly service and authentic Japanese ambiance, Bui Sushi is a go-to destination for sushi lovers looking to enjoy a delicious meal in a relaxed Malibu setting.

Malibu offers a wealth of shopping and dining experiences that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you're exploring the latest real estate listings in Malibu, CA, or simply enjoying a day out, you'll find everything from high-end fashion and unique boutiques to gourmet eateries and relaxing cafes. For those seeking to make Malibu their home, connecting with the best Malibu realtor and real estate agents in Malibu, CA, can help you find the perfect property to suit your lifestyle. From the charming stores of Trancas Country Market to the luxurious offerings at Malibu Country Mart, there's something for everyone in this beautiful coastal city. The diverse range shopping among some of the bestMalibu real estate options ensures that you can find a home that perfectly fits your needs. If you are looking for a realtor in Malibu, please feel free to contact us here. At Shen Realty, we promise the services that only the best Malibu realtor has to offer.