Point Dume is well known for its iconic surf spots and beaches, appearances in T.V. and film, rock climbing and beautiful real estate, but its full history may come as a surprise to you.

Before any American or European presence within the Americas, the area surrounding Point Dume was first inhabited by the Native American population known as the Chumash, whose territory extended from San Joaquin Valley, to San Luis Obispo, to Malibu, as well as several of the Channel Islands. The Spanish presence in the Malibu area began in 1542 when it is believed Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo found himself moored at the mouth of Malibu Creek to obtain fresh water. From this point, the Spanish presence returned within the Malibu area with the California mission system; a series of 21 religious outposts established between 1769 and 1883 up and down the California Coast.


Juan Rodriquez Cabrillo

Chumash cave paintings in the Santa Monica Mountains and historical recreation artwork.

However the iconic name of Point Dume wouldn’t be given until it was first discovered in 1793 by the British Royal Navy Officer George Vancouver. In honor of Padre Francisco Dumetz of Mission San Buenaventura, Vancouver named this northernmost bluff along the now Santa Monica Bay. The name however, was ironically misspelled on Vancouver’s map as Point Zuma or Duma (thus the name for Zuma Beach). Additional historical documents listing this location as Point Dume were in the journals of Whalers during the 1930’s who would anchor in Paradise Cove.

George Vancouver.

Mission San Buenaventura.

In World War 2 the bluff was flattened to hold artillery in preparation for a Japanese invasion. Before this point, Point Dume was a relatively treeless windblown bluff covered by native chaparral. Only after World War 2 did Point Dume begin to become settled by independent-minded people who planted trees and non-native flora surrounding their single-family homesteads which would later turn into the multi-million dollar real-estate location it is today.

With its close proximity to Hollywood, Point Dume would become a well known location within the film and television industry only increasing its distinguished presence. Some of the most notable appearances in film and T.V. include Iron Man's home (which was digitally created in post-production), the beach party in The Big Lebowski and the surprise ending in the first film of the Planet of the Apes franchise. 

 Tony Stark's Point Dume Home in Iron Man.

Point Dume in Planet of the Apes.

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