Malibu, California, is a destination known for sun-soaked beaches, a laid-back lifestyle but also has a dazzling culinary scene. From casual lunch spots to more sophisticated dining experiences, Malibu offers a diverse array of choices. Here's an expanded roundup of the top fifteen best restaurants in Malibu you must explore on your next trip to this beautiful pocket of LA.

Broad Street Oyster Company

is a haven for seafood lovers. Known for its scrumptious lobster rolls and a variety of oysters, this place offers a casual dining experience that brings the ocean's bounty directly to your plate. Located right next to the Malibu Lumber Yard, this is a great location to grab lunch next to many Malibu attractions and beaches.

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Sunset Restaurant

Aptly named for its magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean at sundown, offers a diverse menu featuring seafood and American cuisine. Its upscale beachy vibe makes it a delightful lunch and dinner spot. This is one of Malibu's more unique locations as it is located right on the sand of Westward Beach in Western Malibu.

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Duke's Malibu

offers a Hawaiian-inspired dining experience right on the water. Renowned for its fresh seafood and stunning views of the Pacific, Duke's provides a relaxed, tropical ambiance ideal for a casual lunch or dinner.

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Pita Bu

Offers an authentic Mediterranean culinary experience in the heart of Malibu. Known for its vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients, this casual eatery serves up everything from shawarma wraps to falafel and Greek salad. It's a perfect lunch spot for anyone looking to enjoy a quick, healthy meal in a friendly, relaxed setting. In addition it's located in the heart of Malibu across from the Malibu Pier; it's the perfect place to grab a bite to-go on the beach for lunch in Malibu!

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Taverna Tony

transports you to Greece with its authentic Greek dishes. From moussaka to souvlaki, this spot offers an array of Greek classics in a lively and truly authentic Mediterranean-style setting, making it an exciting lunch destination. Located in Eastern Malibu by the Lumber Yard, Taverna Tony has been around since the 1980's making it a true local favorite!

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Malibu Farm Pier Cafe

Perched at the end of the Malibu Pier, this organic, farm-to-table eatery is ideal for a relaxed lunch with stunning ocean views. With locally-sourced ingredients, it serves simple, fresh food ranging from grilled cheese with vegetables to steak quesadillas. Taste the flavors of Malibu while you watch the surfers and waves from the Malibu Pier!

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Paradise Cove Beach Cafe 

Located on directly on the sand next to another famous Malibu Pier, the Paradise Cove Pier, this beach cafe offers American-style seafood, BBQ, and burgers. The casual setting, coupled with the possibility of dolphin and whale sightings, makes it an ideal lunch spot for families. Once your done eating take a stroll up the beach along the sandstone cliffs to the tide pools and beaches of Zumirez and Little Dume.

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Tra di Noi

 Nestled in the Malibu Country Mart, Tra di Noi offers authentic Italian food prepared with the freshest ingredients. With a warm, rustic ambiance, this place is excellent for a leisurely Italian lunch.

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Kristy's Wood Oven and Wine Bar 

This Mediterranean and american fusion-style restaurant, in the Cross Creek Village and shopping center right across from Zuma Beach. It serves salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and more, all cooked in a wood oven. Kristy's offers a sophisticated yet casual dining experience. Its a great spot for brunch in Malibu!

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Lily's Malibu

A favorite among locals for breakfast and lunch, Lily's Malibu offers a mix of Mexican and American cuisine. This no-frills establishment is perfect for a quick and satisfying lunch located right on Point Dume. The award winning mexican food joint and cafe has arguably some of the best burritos in all of Los Angeles!

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Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market and Patio Cafe

 With a menu that ranges from fish and chips to ahi tuna burgers, this spot, run by commercial fishermen, is a must-visit for seafood lovers seeking fresh, locally caught fare. Eat your lunch under the cabanas and picnic tables or take your lunch across the street to the beach.

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Nicolas Eatery Nicolas Eatery

provides a farm-to-table experience, offering a range of french inspired dishes and cuisine. The atmosphere is relaxed and family-friendly and the resturaunt itself is run by one of Malibu's local families, making it an ideal lunch spot for those who enjoy fresh, locally sourced meals.

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John's Garden

John's Garden is a local sandwich shop that's been serving Malibu since 1975. Known for their fresh, wholesome sandwiches, smoothies, and salads, this spot is perfect for a quick, nutritious lunch in a casual, laid-back setting.

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Nobu Malibu

This outpost of the worldwide sushi empire sits right on the water, offering Japanese fusion cuisine with a beautiful oceanic backdrop. Nobu's elegant ambiance and culinary finesse position it as a must-visit lunch spot.

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is a farm-to-table restaurant offering a menu inspired by Californian and Mediterranean cuisines. Known for its fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Ollo offers a light, nutritious menu in a sleek, modern setting, perfect for a sophisticated midday meal.

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Whether you're in the mood for sophisticated dining or prefer a simple, casual meal, Malibu, California, has something to offer everyone. Each lunch spot on this list guarantees a unique culinary experience in this Pacific paradise. If you're looking for more of the best places to eat in Malibu or the best food in Malibu feel free to contact us!

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