Charmlee Wilderness Park

Charmlee Wilderness Park 2

Here at this beautiful park taking The Ocean Overlook Loop Trail, you will not only find beautiful vistas but also an incredible display of wildflowers. Hikers can look forward to seeing California Poppies, Lupines, and Shooting Star flowers. These flowers typically bloom later in the winter to the early spring, however when they do bloom, they create a vibrant landscape against the beautiful ocean backdrop.


Escondido Falls 

escondido falls 2

This trail isn’t only renowned for its beautiful waterfall and tranquil valley landscape but also for being perfect for any wildflower enthusiast. As you make your way along the path to the waterfall you can encounter amazing wildflowers like the giant coreopsis, standing large with its great sunflower-like appearance. In contrast you can also find the more gentle purple nightshade that garnishes this lush valley.

Solstice Canyon

Solstice Canyon

Here, the trail is alive year round with a cacophony of rich colors and scents from the wildflowers but particularly vibrant after the spring showers. Here Hikers can enjoy sightings of flowers like the bright yellow bush poppy, the fragrant wild lilac, and fiery red indian paintbrush. These flowers splash color into the coastal mediterranean landscape enriching the experience for anyone who visits.

Corral Canyon Park

Corrall Canyon Park 2

This trail offers more than breathtaking ocean views, it’s also a wildflower paradise. You will find yourself surrounded by beautiful coastal sage scrub, monkeyflower, and the rare Malibu thistle providing a scenic glimpse into the native fauna of the region. When deciding to visit here, spring and early summer are when you can usually catch the peak bloom along the trails.

Point Dume Trail

Point Dume Trail

This trail is a floral showcase where hikers can have the opportunity to see many wildflowers such as the yellow mariposa lily, sea fig, and the beloved blue eyed grass. These flowers are bountiful in the spring and sometimes still in bloom into the early summer. They create a floral tapestry enhancing the already spectacular natural beauty of the park. For photo enthusiasts this is the perfect place to get a photo of some wildflowers against a crystal ocean backdrop.


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