Malibu has become a favorite destination for surfers looking for the best waves because of its beautiful shoreline and pristine seas. There are many surf breaks in Malibu that offer a wide variety of waves and riding conditions for all levels of surfers. Let’s take a look at some of Malibu’s most well known and best surf spots!


1: Surfrider Beach

Malibu's Surfrider Beach is famed the world over for its long, beautiful waves that break reliably and frequently. Located right next to the Malibu Pier, surfers of all skill levels will enjoy this place. Surfrider has three breaks, first point, second point and third point, allowing many surfers to catch many waves throughout the day. If you're lucky enough and the conditions are right, you may be able to catch a wave from first point at Malibu Lagoon all the way to third point by the pier! Make sure to grab a bite to eat at the Malibu Cafe located right on the pier overlooking the beach once you’re done catching some waves. (Good for all skill levels).


2: Zuma Beach

Zuma Beach is a well-known surfing spot, and for good reason: its larger waves are suited for more advanced surfers. There are lots of facilities, such as bathrooms and showers, at the beach as well. Once your done at one break, walk up the beach and hop back in as Zuma’s sand bars change the wave at every point! The best spots to grab some food are at the supermarkets or restaurants located at Trancas or Point Dume. (Begginers can learn with shore break, however, best suted for moderate to expert).


3: Topanga Beach

Longboarders go to Topanga Beach because of its consistent right-hand break. Often smooth and gentle, this wave is somewhat similar to Surfrider Beach. It's also located right at the base of Topanga Canyon making this a convenient location to surf for anyone commuting from Los Angeles. (Good for all skill levels).


4: Point Dume

Point Dume State Beach is a beautiful stretch of sand on a peninsula that has some of Malibu's best vistas. With a rocky bottom, the waves here are more suited to advanced surfers. With the right swell, the waves here can get quite powerful so it’s important to land your takeoff. However, for those who can ride them, the 4 breaks at Big Dume have some of the best waves in Southern California. (Best for experts).



Get Ready for Your Malibu Surf Trip!

Getting yourself and your equipment ready to attack the waves is essential. You can get started with the following pointers:

Choose the correct tools: You can't go surfing without the fundamental equipment of surfboards, wetsuits, and leashes. Choose gear that fits your skill level and the wave conditions you'll be surfing in. For beginners, soft tops and wave storms are ideal.

Learn how to read the water. Riptides, sand and reef conditions can be dangerous for both experienced and novice surfers alike! It's important to learn how to understand the water conditions and water quality before you begin any surf session.

Now you're ready to hop in!