Neptune's Net

Nestled in the picturesque setting of California's Malibu is a biker bar and seafood haven that has made a name for itself as legendary as the A-listers who frequent it. Known as Neptune's Net, this rustic retreat with its relaxed ambience has played host to countless unforgettable scenes from both the small and big screen. Yet, aside from its famous cameos, Neptune's Net also has a rich backstory and local importance that only enhances its lasting allure. 

The Early Days of Neptune's Net

In its earlier days, Neptune's Net was not the revered seafood haven it currently is. Originally, the property it occupies served multiple functions and was founded by Eastman N. "Jake" Jacobs back in 1956. Jacobs, an exceptional entrepreneur, did not fit the stereotype of a typical restaurateur. His area of expertise was in aerodynamics and engineering and he had an illustrious career marked by significant contributions to this field. His work included the creation and practical use of cutting-edge wind tunnels and advanced airfoils. Notably, he was deeply involved in early exploratory research on visionary technologies like jet propulsion and nuclear fusion.

At first, the business was called Panorama Pacific at Solimar and featured a gas station, real estate office, and small restaurant. Their menu consisted of classic fried seafood, burgers, and sandwiches. To the delight of locals, the food was a hit and soon the place became known as Jake's Diner.

Naptunes Net Fish Tacos

Jacobs leased the restaurant to a diligent family from Venice during the 60s. The family made an effort to become part of the local surfer community, and even granted them the opportunity to work for meals. Ultimately, the family had to relinquish ownership of the restaurant and move back to Los Angeles due to a looming crisis of eminent domain, which threatened to cut a road right through the property.

Neptunes Net shrimp

During 1974, Jacobs relinquished ownership of the business to Paul Seay and his wife Dolly, bringing a major transformation. Thus, our beloved restaurant was refurbished and reborn as Neptune's Net, a name that would persist for generations. It wasn't until 1991 that Chong Lee and his wife Michelle took over the establishment, yet they have successfully retained Neptune's Net's legacy.

Neptune's Net in Cinema

Appearing in a number of films and TV shows over the years, Neptune's Net has achieved an iconic status. Its proximity to the ocean and laid-back ambiance have made it a sought-after location for filmmakers. The world of film and television has recognized the restaurant's distinctive character and setting.

In 1983, Neptune's Net's silver screen debut started with the flick "Losin' It." Within the movie, Woody (played by Tom Cruise) and his posse got involved in a massive food fight while at the establishment. The aftermath of this particular scene took several years to clear up, with proprietor Dolly Seay remarking about still finding remnants of the mess two years later.

Tom Cruise in Losing it

Neptune's Net, the famous restaurant, gained national recognition in 1991 as it played a vital role in the legendary movie "Point Break". Lori Petty's character, Tyler, was employed at Neptune's Net when Keanu Reeves' character, Johnny Utah, cunningly crafted a deceitful tale that set the background for the thrilling storyline of the film.

Point Break

On the scenic California State Route 1, a newly built Toyota Supra is test driven followed by a meal shared by characters Paul Walker's Brian O'Conner and Vin Diesel's Dominic Toretto at Neptune's Net. This occurred during another high-profile appearance in the action-packed film "The Fast and the Furious" at the turn of the millennium.

Fast and Furious Neptunes Net

Neptune's Net isn't just another restaurant. It has achieved cross-platform fame, being featured not only in blockbusters like "Fast and Furious" but also on TV shows like "The Hills" and "Gossip Girl". Even in virtual worlds such as video games, Neptune's Net has made a name for itself. For instance, an exact replica of the restaurant, dubbed Hookie's, can be found in San Andreas, a fictitious state in "GTA V".

Neptunes Net GTA V

 Neptune's Net in Recent Years: A Persistent Symbol in Pop Culture

Neptune's Net remains highly alluring and a prominent fixture in pop culture, often making appearances in a multitude of films and television shows. As evidenced by the 1999 movie "The Capitol Conspiracy," it has even been utilized as a filming location, serving as the place where a CIA operative had to track down and capture five members of a terrorist group. Moreover, in the 1981 horror film "Kiss Daddy Goodbye," the eatery functioned as a backdrop for a chilling tale in which two children exact revenge against those responsible for their father's murder.

Neptune's Net's allure has even captivated reality television. "The Bachelorette" showcased the notable spot in one of its episodes in 2013, contributing to Neptune's Net's vast on-screen portfolio.

The Charm and Appeal of Neptune's Net in Malibu

Neptune's Net has managed to maintain its importance to the Malibu community despite being a frequent subject on screens. It stays true to its roots with classic seafood offerings, a crowd-friendly vibe, and breathtaking ocean views, attracting residents and visitors alike. This iconic Malibu establishment is beloved by many.

 Neptune's Net is a place that embodies both Hollywood's glitz and the stunning serenity of the Californian shoreline, much like Malibu. Its appeal is not solely derived from its cinematic background but also from its resolute character.

 A place that goes by the name of Neptune's Net holds significant meaning as it is not simply a biker bar or seafood eatery, rather it is a reflection of Malibu itself and a cinematic legend. Its continued popularity, cinematic heritage, and historical significance speak volumes of its revered position. Irrespective of whether Neptune's Net is serving the locals or featuring in a Hollywood production, it represents Malibu's identity as a harmonious mix of the conventional and the trendy. In the hearts of those who visit it, Neptune's Net will undoubtedly continue to captivate, on the silver screen or otherwise, as time passes.