Living in a mediterranean climate you will find yourself in an area where the weather is beautiful no matter what the season. Even the Philosopher Aristotle said that the mediterranean basin is, “the only place on Earth suitable for civilized life”. However, while summer all year round may sound like paradise on earth, plant life has been forced to adapt to the inconsistent rainfall and arid landscape, evolving into an impressive 87,000 species (and counting)! Because of this, Mediterranean climates like the Malibu Riviera have been called “Bio-Diversity Hotspots” and even given such names like “Gardens of the World”. However even still with such a rich biodiversity Malibu is home to many endangered species and some very rare animals that exist only here. Thats why the realtors in Malibu and the residents who live here know the value of this beautiful place that so many of us call home. Here is our list of some of the rarest animals that only the luckiest of people willl be able to spot in Malibu California. 


Marine Mammals:

Rare Marine Mammals of Malibu The waters off Malibu's coast are teeming with marine life, including some of the planet's most majestic mammals.

1) Blue Whale:

Blue Whale

The world's largest mammal, this creature primarily feeds on tiny krill. Its migrations bring it close to Malibu's coast, providing rare sightings for lucky observers.

2) Guadalupe Fur Seal:

guadalupe furseal

Primarily fish eaters, they were once near extinction but have now seen a resurgence. However, sightings are still relatively rare.
Southern Sea Otter: Feeding primarily on sea urchins, crabs, and snails, these playful mammals have a unique method of using tools to crack open their prey. Their presence near Malibu, although sporadic, signifies a healthy marine ecosystem.

3) Harbor Porpoise:

Harbor Porpoise

Preferring shallow coastal waters, these small cetaceans primarily feed on fish and squid. Their shy nature means sightings are a rare delight.


Land Mammals:

Land Mammals of the Santa Monica Mountains The rugged terrains of the Santa Monica Mountains are home to a diverse array of mammals.

1) Santa Monica Mountains Lion:

Mountain Lion

A subpopulation of mountain lions, these apex predators feed primarily on deer, raccoons, and other mammals. Urban encroachment has isolated this population, leading to unique conservation challenges.

2) Ringtail:


These nocturnal creatures are omnivorous, feeding on a mix of small animals and plant matter. Their elusive nature adds mystery to their presence.
Los Angeles Pocket Mouse: Feeding on seeds and insects, these creatures are specially adapted to the arid environments of the LA basin.
Stephens' Kangaroo Rat: This endangered rodent primarily feeds on seeds. They have a unique hopping motion, using their large hind legs.


Santa Monica Mountains Badger

Carnivorous by nature, they feed on rodents, birds, and insects. Their solitary nature and nocturnal habits make them a rare sight.
Long-tailed Weasel: These small carnivores primarily feed on rodents, birds, and eggs. Their agility makes them formidable hunters.

4)Black Bear:

Black Bear

Omnivorous in diet, black bears in the region consume berries, plants, insects, and small mammals. They play a crucial role in ecosystem health.



Threatened Birds of the Region Birds add a splash of color and melody to the Malibu region.

1) Western Snowy Plover:

Western Snowy Plover

These shorebirds are insectivorous and nest in open sandy habitats. Human activities often disrupt their nesting sites.

2)Least Bell's Vireo:

Least Bell's Vireo

Feeding on insects and spiders, their declining numbers are due to habitat loss.

Amphibians and Fish:

Feeding on insects and spiders, their declining numbers are due to habitat loss.
Unique Amphibians of Malibu Amphibians are a crucial indicator of environmental health.

1) California Red-legged Frog:

California Red Legged Frog

Primarily insectivorous, these frogs prefer quiet pools and streams. Their decline has been due to habitat destruction and introduced predators.
Conservation Efforts and Their Importance With urban encroachment and habitat loss, conservation efforts in Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains have never been more critical. Local initiatives aim to protect these rare species, ensuring they remain a part of the region's rich biodiversity.

2) Steelhead Trout:

steelhead trout santa monica mountains

The Southern California Steelhead is an endangered population of this species, which was once abundant in the Santa Monica Mountains that surround Malibu.


Plants and Bugs:

1)Ventura Marsh Milk-vetch:

Ventura Marsh Milk-vetch

This is a very rare plant that was once thought to be extinct but was rediscovered in the early 2000s.

2)El Segundo Blue Butterfly:

El Segundo Blue Butterfly

This small butterfly is endangered and is associated with a particular plant, the coast buckwheat (Eriogonum parvifolium).

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