Malibu's Westward Beach 


by: Jax Burgess, Shen Realty | | March 12, 2021

Right off the Pacific Coast Highway, east of Zuma beach, and on the western side of the large rock wall of Point Dume lies Malibu's very own Westward Beach. With a long and wide stretch of sand and dramatic Malibu coastal views, this beach is as good as southern California has to offer. Westward has the convenience of beachside restrooms, LA County lifeguard stands, volleyball nets, hiking trail entrances that ascend onto Point Dume, a great shore break, and most famously The Sunset restaurant, a perfect place to grab lunch or a nice sunset dinner (located center beach right off the sand). 

While Westward is commonly known for its perfect beach set up with incredible Malibu views, it is also known for its common use as a setting for popular Hollywood films. Films like Planet of the Apes, Batman and Robin, Gidget, Charlies Angels, Iron Man, and so many more used Westward beach for the perfect backdrop. 

So, if you're looking to do some great Malibu site seeing or just looking for an excellent spot to spend a sunny Malibu beach day, Westward Beach might just be the place for you to check out. If you'd like to learn more about Westward Beach, the housing market within the neighborhood, or just more information on the city of Malibu as a whole, please contact us at today!


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