POINT DUME | March 3, 2021

Malibu, CA, known for its beautiful coastal views, sandy beaches, and amazing surf. In this blog segment, we are looking to dive deeper into the beautiful neighborhoods that make up this amazing place we call home.

This week's Neighborhood Highlight feature is on the majestic Point Dume. Point Dume is set up in a traditional neighborhood layout within the magnificent luxury Malibu setting. These homes feature some of the larger lots in all of Malibu, many of these with private gates. In this community, you have the ability to be within walking or golf cart distance to its exclusive private beach gate access points. Some homes are fortunately granted private beach keys which offer exclusivity and privacy to Little Dume Beach for its fortunate residents. Little Dume Beach is known for its surfing and faces east and is protected from the prevailing westerly winds to keep the waters calm and inviting for Malibu’s elite surfing culture.  It is a true seaside haven in ultimate privacy.  The streets of Point Dume are filled with thick foliage, streams, rolling hills, and wooded areas allowing its owner's rural ranch-style living. It also features shopping areas, restaurants, grocery stores, and the Point Dume Marine Science Elementary School.


Notable Amenities In the Area

Beaches: Little Dume, Big Dume, Zuma Beach, and Westward Beach

Restaurants and Grocery: Pavillions Grocery Store, Lilly's Burritos, Sunlife Organics, D'Amores Pizza, Le Cafe De La Plage

Schools: Point Dume Elementary School

Other: Bank of America, Point Dume Cleaners, Farmers Insurance, Malibu Point Pilates, Chase Bank, Dume Plaza Pharmacy, Point Dume Nail Salon




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