Malibu, California, is a city known worldwide for its splendid coastline, extravagant lifestyle, and lavish real estate. Yet, one neighborhood stands out with its unique charm and surprising property value – Paradise Cove. Nestled within this renowned city is the most expensive mobile home park in the United States. Let's delve into the history, location, and allure of living in this extraordinary community.


Paradise Cove Malibu

Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park began its journey as a humble RV campground in the 1950s, providing a picturesque spot for travelers to park their trailers. However, it was in the late '60s that the current owners, the Kissel family, saw its potential as a permanent residential area. The transformation from campground to one of the most sought-after mobile home parks in the country was gradual, underpinned by Malibu's rising status as a haven for luxury and opulence.

With celebrities and business moguls seeking a slice of Malibu's serene lifestyle, Paradise Cove turned into a premier location that offered both the rustic allure of a mobile home community and the glitz of California's luxury living at a more afforadble price point.


Paradise Cove is located on the scenic bluffs of Malibu, along Pacific Coast Highway, just a few miles northwest of Los Angeles. The community enjoys private access to one of the most beautiful beaches in California and some of the best surf as well. The neighborhoods golf-cart accessable beach access takes you directly Paradise Cove Beach and the Hut surf break. But, only a short walk up beach beside the sandstone bluffs you can access the beaches of Zumirez and Little Dume with a plethora of other surf breaks to choose from.

Paradise Cove Malibu Neighborhood Mobile Home PArk

As you step out of your mobile home, the sight of the Pacific Ocean's endless blue, coupled with the warm Malibu sun and cool ocean breeze, make for an exceptional living experience.

This neighborhood offers an intimate connection with nature while being a stone's throw away from the vibrant city life of LA, offering the best of both worlds.

Living in Paradise Cove

Living in Paradise Cove is a unique blend of casual, laid-back living and high-end luxury. It's like having a beach house without the exorbitant price tag usually attached to such a property in Malibu. Residents enjoy meticulously maintained grounds, a community playground, tennis court, and of course, the private beach.

Paradise COve Malibu Pic

Despite the mobile homes' compact size, they are often customized to the owners' specifications, with modern appliances, luxe interior décor, outdoor decks, and sometimes even a private hot tub. The close-knit community vibe, combined with the inherent Malibu sophistication, creates a desirable atmosphere that is both homely and glamorous.

Celebrities like Minnie Driver and Matthew McConaughey have been known to own properties in Paradise Cove, which further amplifies its upscale reputation.

The Most Expensive Mobile Home Park

What sets Paradise Cove apart from any other mobile home park is its staggering real estate value. In 2019, a mobile home here was sold for an eye-watering $5.3 million, a record-breaking price that underscored its status as the most expensive mobile home park in the country.

Paradise Cove Malibu Mobile Home park

The combination of its prime location, exclusivity, private beach access, and the 'Malibu' tag justifies these sky-high prices. The property values have continued to climb in the following years, making this neighborhood not just a paradise to live in, but also a lucrative real estate investment.


Paradise Cove, with its unique offering of luxury mobile homes, stands as a testament to the diversity and allure of Malibu's real estate. Its charming blend of rustic simplicity and extravagant living embodies the versatile spirit of Malibu. Whether you're a homebuyer seeking a luxurious yet unconventional living space or a real estate investor hunting for the next big opportunity, Paradise Cove is an irresistible proposition.

In this idyllic neighborhood, you don't just buy a mobile home; you buy a lifestyle, a community, and a slice