Malibu is home to some of the best cuisine in LA but just as famous as the food are the beautiful views that come with it. Here are Malibu's best resturaunts with an ocean view (In no order).

Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market and Patio Cafe ($$): 

Malibu Seafood

Malibu Seafood is a haven for seafood lovers and the perfect spot to stop during a quintessential Malibu beach day. The vibe here is super casual and is a local favorite with terraced open air seating all facing the ocean. The restaurant has a fish market opposite of where you order food with fresh cuts of fish caught right off the coast of Malibu every day. The restaurant's fish tacos are a crowd favorite, but personally our favorite meal is the ahi -tuna burger and clam chowder. The price point ensures a delightful yet affordable seaside meal.

Moonshadows ($$$$):

Moonshadows Malibu

Situated right on the beach of Malibu, offers an unparalleled view of the ocean, making it an ideal spot for a special celebration. The restaurant says that the owner, “Andrea Bullo opened Moonshadows in Malibu, with his longtime friends, Rodolfo Costella and Franco Simplicio. His mission was to transform the old diamond in the rough into a "chic and casual" Malibu beach restaurant, featuring a patio bar called Blue Lounge.” The menu, an elegant blend of American and seafood cuisines, matches the upscale setting. Some favorites include the fresh half dozen oysters, miso glazed black cod and spicy crab and lobster pasta. With prices leaning towards the higher end, it promises an exclusive dining experience where every dish is a celebration of flavor and finesse.

Nobu Malibu($$$$):

Nobu Malibu

When people think of Malibu fine dining, the first restaurant that comes to mind is Nobu. The restaurants owner, Nobu Matsuhisa started his culinary journey with rigorous training at a respected sushi bar in Tokyo. He then moved to Peru and Argentina to further his craft eventually settling in Los Angeles becoming renowned for his Japanese and Asian-inspired dishes. The restaurant itself sits right on the water with outdoor seating to allow you to breath in the fresh ocean air while you enjoy world class sushi. Some favorite dishes are the tuna and crispy rice, jalapeno yellowtail, and their famous sushi platter. Often times high end individuals and the best malibu realtor's can be seen here taking their clients out for dinner. The restaurant's high-end price range reflects its status as a culinary landmark, offering a view that's as spectacular as its cuisine.

Geoffrey's Malibu ($$$$):

Geoffrey's Malibu

Here fine dining meets the ocean breeze. Nestled up on a bluff above the pacific coast, here you can enjoy not only unoibstructed views of the ocean but also of the whole queens necklace of Los Angeles. This restaurant is known for its Californian cuisine with a hint of international flair. Diners can savor dishes like the exquisite swordfish or the chilean seabass. This restaurant is also famous for brunch so it’s the perfect location to start your sunday afternoon getaway in Malibu The romantic ambiance, combined with the quality in food and service makes Geoffrey's an idyllic spot for those special occasions where the setting is as important as the meal.

Duke’s Malibu ($$ - $$$):

Dukes 2

Dukes is a playful escape to the Hawaiian islands, right on the Malibu shore. It's where the spirit of aloha is served up with every dish, from coconut shrimp to the renowned fish tacos. Duke’s creates a vibrant yet relaxed atmosphere, perfect for a fun day out with family or friends. The restaurant feels more family with many large tables and tall ceilings, however that isn’t to say it’s not great for a romantic night out either with it’s ideal location right on the Pacific Ocean in Southern Malibu.  With its moderate price range it's a delightful spot for those looking for a tropical twist to their dining.

Paradise Cove Beach Cafe in Malibu ($$-$$$):

Paradise Cove Beach Cafe

Tucked away in it's own private cove Paradise Cove offers a private dining experience perfect for a Malibu weekend getaway. Make sure to bring your beach gear too, because as the resturaunt is on the sand, there are cabana's and beach lounge chairs available for you use and enjoy the sunday sun all while servers tend to your food and drink needs. Whatever you order you will be satisfied as the portions are quite large here. Some favorite dishes include the coconut shrimp, huevos rancheros for brunch, and for novelty, the gigantic iced seafood tower.

Malibu Farm ($$-$$$):

Malibu Farm

The Malibu Farm offers a fresh, health-conscious approach to dining. Perched on the Malibu Pier, this eatery serves vegan-friendly and organic dishes, including delightful tacos and fresh, farm-to-table produce from growers sourced in Malibu! It's the perfect spot for a relaxed meal in a breezy, beautiful setting. And not only is the food moderately priced here, it is absolutley delicious. The owner Helene Henderson started the Malibu Farm after doing a few cooking classes and dinners in her backyard and then brought her amazing cooking to the rest of Malibu when she opened the resturaunt.

Carbon Beach Club Resturaunt ($$$$):

Carbon Beach

Just a few minutes walk south of The Malibu Farm you will find yourself at the Carbon Beach Club Resturaunt. Carbon Beach Club sits directly overlooking the Malibu Pier, forming one of the few intimate locations in Malibu where one can enjoy decadent coastal cuisine, as well as magnificent views. Some famous dishes are are the paella and the whole branzino fish.

Neptune’s Net ($$):

Neptunes Net

An iconic Malibu destination with a vibrant biker bar ambiance. Famous for its fried seafood and classic American bar fare, it's a place buzzing with energy. The large wooden picnic tables and ocean views add to its laid-back, unique charm. After your meal feel free to walk across the street where you can perch up on the bluff and watch all the surfers take off on waves at the famous County Line beach break. The pricing is moderate, making it a great choice for a casual, fun-filled meal.

The Sunset Restaurant ($$-$$$):

Sunset Resturaunt Malibu

A one of a kind restaurant in a one of a kind location. Isolated from Malibu’s busy shopping centers, this lone standing restaurant on the sandy shores of Westward beach offers some of the best dining views you can have in Malibu, and true to it’s name, especially during sunset. Specializing in seafood, with exquisite dishes like tuna tartar and fresh oysters, it's a place where sophistication meets the shore. The restaurant's ambiance, combined with the restaurants affordability makes it a prime spot for both romantic evenings and memorable gatherings. After your done with your meal, take your shoes off and stroll Westward Beach to see the sunset.

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