In the world of professional sports, the name Stan Kroenke is instantly recognizable. He is well known as the owner of some of the most iconic sports teams including the Los Angeles Rams, the Denver Nuggets, and the Arsenal soccer club in the United Kingdom. But Kroenke's economic interest isn’t limited to the sports industry; he's also a major player and investor within the Los Angeles real estate market.

Stan Kroenke

In recent years, Kroenke has shown a strong desire to enter the real estate market, especially in Southern California. He has reportedly invested over $700 million on shopping centers in Los Angeles (The Real Deal). He has a diverse portfolio of income-generating commercial real estate ventures, including shopping malls, office buildings, and other commercial investments. The Village, an open-air retail center in Woodland Hills, is one of his major projects that cost him $325 million.

Malibu Village Shopping Center

The Malibu Village Shopping Center is a relatively new addition to Kroenke's portfolio. Both residents and visitors enjoy the mall's outdoor sitting areas and walkability and many of the stores and restaurants are local favorites.

Malibu Village Sephora

The 51,000-square-foot building is home to various essential and well known businesses including Wells Fargo, Fred Segal, Sephora, Lululemon, and the Broad Street Oyster Co

Malibu Village Fred Segal

One important detail to note about Malibu Village is the city's regulations concerning chain stores. In 2018, Malibu passed an ordinance that allows a retail tenant to sign a lease in the city only if they have 10 stores or fewer. This regulation aims to maintain the unique charm and character of the city by promoting smaller, boutique-style retailers over larger chain stores.

The Acquisition

Stan Kroenke's purchase of the Malibu Village Shopping Center is significant for the commercial real estate market of  Southern California. Kroenke paid a whopping $81.5 million for the building. However, Jamestown, an Atlanta-based real estate investment and management corporation, once held title to the property. Jamestown paid $120 million for Malibu Village in 2014, thus the subsequent sale to Kroenke represented a $40 million discount from the original purchase price.

Stan Kroenke Super Bowl 


Kroenke's optimistic view of the Southern California commercial real estate market is reflected in his large investment in Malibu Village Shopping Center. This recent purchase, adding to his already substantial retail property holdings in the area, solidifies his position as an integral player in the Los Angeles real estate market.

Although the retail environment has changed due to reasons like the development of e-commerce and the COVID-19 epidemic, this purchase shows that there is still demand in commercial real estate despite the slower economy of today. 

What adjustments, if any, will be made to the retail mall after Kroenke takes control remains to be seen, as does how this new purchase fits into his larger business plan. One thing is certain, though: Stan Kroenke isn't only making his imprint in sports; he's also building a name for himself in commercial real estate, demonstrating his versatility as a businessman. His bets in the Malibu Village and other Southern California assets show both the market's promising future and the enduring allure of well placed retail spaces. The future of Kroenke's real estate endeavors is something to keep an eye on.