This year especially, it is essential to prepare for the harsh weather conditions, brought by these new California rain storms. Residents in California have already been battered by this current rainstorm and are looking for ways to prepare in case of disaster when the next one inevitably comes around. Let's look at some crucial advice for preparing for a storm and protecting yourself and your home.

Protect Your House:

Before the storm strikes, ensure that your home is well protected. Inspect your roof for any loose shingles, tiles, or other risks that might cause damage during the storm. Secure any outdoor items, such as patio furniture or garden equipment, that might become projectiles if lifted up by windy conditions. Cut back any trees and branches that might cause damage to your property during a storm.

Inspect Shingles

Stock Up on Supplies:

In the event of power outages or inability to leave the house due to extreme weather, it is important to keep enough supplies to last several days. Food and water, flashlights, batteries, a first aid kit, and any required medications should be stocked up on. Remember to charge your cell phone and bring a power bank as a backup or even consider investing in a generator.

Storm Prep

Develop a Plan for Emergencies:

It is important to have a strategy in place for evacuation and other emergency situations. Ensure that all family members are aware of the strategy and have a specified meeting location in the event that you become separated. Put vital papers and insurance policies in a watertight and fireproof container that is readily accessible in the case of a disaster.

Emergency Plan

Keep informed:

Keep abreast on the most recent weather forecasts and warnings. Local news stations and social media are excellent information sources. In addition, it could be a good idea that you have a hand-cranked or battery-powered radio to hear vital updates in the event of a power loss.

Crank Radio

Consider Flood Insurance:

Standard homeowner's insurance plans do not cover flood damage, as flooding is frequently brought on by massive storms. Consider obtaining flood insurance to safeguard your property against potential damage. Especially after fires, which are common in Southern California, landslides frequently follow heavy rains so make sure you’re protected and prepared for that as well.


Prepare Yourself for Power Outages:

During intense storms, power disruptions are commonplace. As previously stated, It’s smart to consider purchasing a backup generator and sufficient gasoline for your vehicle to charge electronics and power minor appliances with the generator. You can use candles, but be careful as unattended candles can pose a fire risk when one is left without power for long periods of time. Use battery-powered lamps or flashlights instead.

Power Outage

Evacuate if Required:

Again, if you reside in a location prone to flooding, landslides, or other catastrophic weather events, it is imperative that you leave when directed. Evacuate immediately upon receiving instructions from local authorities; do not wait until the last minute as many of the evacuation services could be overburdened or you can become trapped due to a natural disaster and failure to mobilize sooner.

Beach Landslide

It is important to take the required preparations to prepare for severe storms. Maintain safety and be prepared for any eventuality. For more information reach out to your local fire department or inquire about how they can assist you online. Most stations have materials and resources to help you prepare for disaster for free!