By: Jax Burgess,  | Photos By: Jens Lucking | February 1, 2021 

If you’ve ever visited Malibu, California, you’ve probably seen the historic Malibu Pier. Just  along the gorgeous coastal drive on the Pacific Coast Hwy as you arrive in central Malibu, you can look towards the ocean and see one of the town's most storied and beautiful treasures. 

The Malibu Pier, located right off the California coast, overlooks one of the nation's most historic surf spots (Malibu 1st Point or Surfrider beach). The pier was originally built in 1905, and today sits at 780 feet long. It was originally built for standard Malibu Rancho operations. Hides, grains, building material, fruit, tile, and other agricultural products were at one time shipped and received right off the end of the pier. Thanks to the Rindge Family (the original owners of the pier), there was a private railroad conveniently with a terminus just near the pier's edge. This allowed for a smooth efficient transportation of goods. 

Later in 1934, the pier was opened to the general public for sport and charter fishing. A few years after in 1936 the pier was converted to its modern form, as it was extended to 780-feet, with the addition of a small tackle shop constructed on the end. 

In 1997, the Malibu pier was taken over by the state of California, due to the ability for funding and necessary maintenance needed to withhold its beauty and structure. 

Today in Malibu, we have the wonderful privilege of walking, site seeing, fishing, and eating on this storied California coastal treasure. The nearest neighborhoods to the pier are Carbon Beach and the Malibu Colony. The Malibu Pier is the perfect place to take in the scenery and magnificent culture the city of Malibu has to offer. So next time you stop by Malibu, take a walk on the pier. You won’t regret it.

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