Malibu's Unrelenting Storm Surge

Because of the strong waves that have been pounding the California shore due to an unrelenting coastal storm, recent developments over the weekend in Malibu have garnered national notice. According to Malibu real estate agents, Million-dollar residences on the luxurious Malibu beachfront, which is home to celebrities like Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, and Kanye West, suffered serious property damage over the weekend as they were up against a formidable opponent in the form of massive ocean waves. In order to lessen the damage to these opulent estates and to the beach homes for sale Malibu CA, emergency sand barriers were rapidly created in response to the tremendous waves, some of which even reached heights of up to 25 feet along neighboring northern parts of the coast, such as Ventura and Oxynard.

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A Risky Increase: The Effects on Facilities and Security

The Malibu Pier and surrounding Southern California Piers, such as Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, and Seal Beach Pier, were all closed due to the recent coastal storm as a safety measure against the strong storm waves coming from the Pacific. Strong cyclones over North Pacific waters were creating these waves, which were producing "tremendous wave energy" along the shore. Forecasts indicated that some of the waves even reached a height of 17 feet in Malibu, and incurred property damage to beachfront homes and luxury properties for sale Malibu CA, as seen in the images below.

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The Pierpoint Incident

The Pierpoint incident in Ventura County resulted in eight hospitalizations, indicating the immediate impact of the surge. As shown by the image below multiple people fled from a wave surge breaching a sea wall, showing the scary force of the waves over the weekend.

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A Bright Spot for Surfers

There is a bright side for some surfers, despite the dangerous conditions. Last weekend presented the best swell of the year for the northern-facing beaches. The 27-year-old Alex Buford talked about how exciting it was to surf the huge waves north of Manhattan Beach, calling the experience "sick". However, the threat was still great, and there were several surfing-related injuries recorded over the weekend. 

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The weekend's state of affairs serves as a sharp reminder of the unpredictable nature and destructive power of coastal storms. Even the structurally and architecturally significant Malibu homes were humbled by the unpredictable force of nature over the weekend, proving that not even the best realtor in Malibu could spin this into a beachfront fairy tale!

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