Malibu is famous for having not just the most beautiful beaches in Los Angeles, but all of California. With the summertime coming up, people from all over the world flock to the shores of this beautiful city to enjoy the crisp ocean wind, see the beautiful coastal Malibu real estate, and enjoy a hot summer day basking in Malibu’s crystal blue waters. Sometimes the surf is great drawing in surfers, otherdays when it’s hot and the water is calm people come to sunbathe on the open sands of Zuma, and when the tide is low, a secret world unveils itself to all who visit Malibu’s Shores. Malibu, although more famous for it’s surf and beautiful Malibu real estate, also has word class tide pools revealing an underwater ecosystem that you can only catch when the perfect conditions are met. Here is our list of the best places to see tide pools in Malibu California.


Tide Pools at Point Dume:

Point Dume

If you’re exploring Malibu looking to enjoy the beach, maybe even looking for a home for sale on Point Dume on a perfect Sunday afternoon, down at the base of our Mediterranean bluff you can find a rich underwater paradise. Although access to the beach is a little more difficult than others you can either park at the Big Dume parking lot and walk down the stairs from the trailhead, or you can park at the base of the bluff on westward and walk down the beach to find these special pools. Obviously you want to make sure the tide is low to get the best out of your adventure.

Here, you will find a wide variety of species an marine life. I remember one time as a kid even finding an Octopus tucked between the rocks here. Other than our 8 legged friends, you can also find sea urchins, slugs, starfish and some tiny fish basking in their own tiny ocean gardens. Many snails, muscles and clams can be found clinging to the side of these rocks too. In October during the night, you might be even lucky enough to find a lobster! For Photography bluffs, these unique rock formations also make it the perfect place to snap some scenic photos at sunrise or sunset.


Tide Pools at El Pescador:

El Pescador

Access to this beach is fairly easy, all you need to do is park at the El Pescador state beach lot and take the short trail down. Here, on a perfect day, you’ll find yourself surrounded in a rocky bowl from the cliffside above, a moderate sandy shoreline that then hits the rocky waters, perfect for surf on a high to medium tide and tide pooling during a low tide. Expect to find a plethora of sea stars, crabs and colorful anemones here! 


Tide Pools at El Matador:

El Matador

Probably the most famous beach in Malibu for its sea caves and picturesque rock spires, reminiscent of 12 apostles in Australia, if you’re not coming for the world class ocean views, tide pooling is another great option! Also if you are looking for a home for sale in Malibu CA, check out our beautiful listing we have right on the beach facing beautiful El Matador. Access to this beach is a little more of a trek than El Pescador but still fairly simple. Park at the El Matador beach park and take the steep staircase down. The beach here is truly a sight to behold and due to it being more hidden then most of the beaches in Malibu, you’ll get to experience Malibu’s most beautiful beach with relative privacy and easy crowd.

Due to the beach being rather close to the cliffs, you will find a short sandy beach but many rock formations and pools. As with some other beaches, you will find sea stars, anemones, crabs and maybe even a stray octopus, but sometimes larger fish due to the rocky environment and relatively deeper tide pools.

Leo Carillo Tide Pools:

Leo Carillo 3

Leo Carillo is a stunning beach. It’s not only has a famous surf break but sprawling campgrounds walking distance from the shore. For those who are camping out for the weekend and want to see some unique sea life this is a great spot to stop. For those not camping, there is easy beach access from the PCH and beach goers can park on the side of the riad directly next to the sand. 

The tide pools here are rich with algae and seaweed providing a vibrant underwater seascape for you and the sea life to enjoy. Past the sandy shore, especially during lowtide, the tidepools are relatively flat here and extend for quite a distance out to the ocean. If you’re lucky and the tide is particularly low, you can even walk out to the rock formation further out at sea that also doubles as a famous surf break. You can find all of the famous sealife that malibu is well known for here, crabs, sea anemones, fish, sea slugs, and beautiful seashells.

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