The rainy season is officially here! As the Malibu Mountains begin to see wetter days, the lush green meadows and melodous sounds of trickling creeks return. If you venture far enough into the hills you might find something very special, waterfalls, some as tall as 120 feet! Here are a few of the most beautiful waterfalls you can see in Malibu during the rainy season.


1) Solstice Canyon Hike:

Solstice Canyon Hike

Solstice Canyon Hike ruins

Located in the largest urban national park in the word, The Santa Monica Mountains  National Recreational Area, this hike, similar to the Escondido Canyon trail is relatively easy only being 2.6 miles long. The hike features a majestic 30-foot waterfall, and for those interested in Malibu History, the famous ruins of the Roberts Ranch House as well as several picnic areas. The waterfall is more prominent after rainfall, adding to the trail's natural beauty​​.


2) Newton Canyon Falls Trail: 

 Newton Canyon Falls Malibu

Newton Canyon Falls Trail  2

An 8-minute drive north of Malibu, and a little bit longer, this 5-mile trail in the Santa Monica Mountains includes some rock scrambling and switchbacks on the way to the waterfall. Like many of the trails and real estate listings in Malibu CA, this trail was also scarred by the Woolsey Fire, however in spring, this yields to a beautiful array of spring flowers, and in the rainy season, sprawling lush green meadows. The waterfall, around 25 feet high, is split into an upper and lower portion. The trail is less crowded, offering a more secluded experience​​.


3) Escondido Canyon Trail:
 Econdido Canyon Trail Waterfall 1

 Econdido Canyon Trail Waterfall 2

 Located a mere three-minute drive from downtown Malibu, this trail leads to an astonishing 150-foot tallwater fall. The waterfall itself is terraced composing of an upper and a lower section.The hike itself is only 3.8 miles making it relatively easy for the seasoned hiker, or perfect for a sunday stroll and picnic destination. The falls are most impressive during the winter/rainy season and also have their charm in spring when the wildflowers bloom along the trail​​.


4) The Grotto Trail:

 The Grotto Trail water falls

The Grotto Trail water falls 2

About a half-hour drive west of Malibu, this 3-mile round-trip trail descends to a grotto following a 450 feed decline. Once there you will be presented with a beautiful 12 foot waterfall. The waterfall itself is also secluded in rocky overhangs giving it a mysterious Middle Earth like charm.The trail is rated as easy to moderate and passes by an old Boy Scouts camp and follows a creek. Climbing down large boulders is necessary to reach the fall​​.


5) Upper Zuma Falls:

Upper Zuma Falls 1

Upper Zuma Falls 2

On your next home tour with the best Malibu realtor, ask them to show you the trail head to the Upper Zuma Falls, located along the Backbone Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains. The waterfall here is an impressively tall, estimated to be about 120 feet and also terraced adding to its beauty, truly one of Malibu’s most, if not the most Iconic waterfalls. The hike to the falls is about 4.75 miles round trip, involving a stream crossing and some scrambling to get better views or reach the upper tier of its main two drops. The trail is relatively straightforward, although it requires careful navigation and can be slippery. This waterfall, more visible after heavy rainfall, offers a rewarding experience for those seeking a moderately challenging hike in a beautiful natural setting.


6) Paradise Falls:

 Paradise Falls 1

Paradise Falls 2

Situated about a half-hour northwest of Malibu in Wildwood Park, Thousand Oaks, Paradise Falls is a 40-foot tall waterfall that plunges into a large pool. The trail itself brings you into a sheltered valley with many criss crossing paths. We would suggest to come here without a map and try find the waterfall yourself as wandering the winding valley of Wildwood park is one of most charming parts about this location. 

If you are looking for secret hikes and more exciting things to do on your next visit to Malibu, feel free to contact us here. If you need a realtor in Malibu CA we are happy to be of service to you with anything you may need.