If you happen to live in Malibu Riviera or intend to buy a future home here consider yourself one of the lucky few who get to appreciate some of the most ecologically dense areas on the entire Planet! So ecologically dense that 20% of all plant species are condensed into 2% of places like Malibu Riviera.

Often when people think of the Mediterranean, images of emerald waters, sparkling cities painted in grecian white and blue, and mythic landscapes that have provided opulence and fertility to many civilizations and given birth to some of the most nourishing and aromatic cuisines in the whole world come to mind. But what may seem surprising, is that the Mediterranean may actually be in your very own backyard.

Mediterranean climates are some of the most unique and scarce climates in the whole world. Accounting for only 2% of all landmass, “Mediterranean-type ecosystems, with their characteristic and unique climatic regions of mild wet winters and warm and dry summers, with irregular annual rainfall occur in just five places of the world: California; Central Chile; the Mediterranean Basin; the Cape Region of South Africa; and Southwestern and South Australia.”

Living in a mediterranean climate you will find yourself in an area where the weather is beautiful no matter what the season. Even the Philosopher Aristotle said that the mediterranean basin is, “the only place on Earth suitable for civilized life”. However, while summer all year round may sound like paradise on earth, plant life has been forced to adapt to the inconsistent rainfall and arid landscape, evolving into an impressive 87,000 species (and counting)! Because of this, Mediterranean climates like the Malibu Riviera have been called “Bio-Diversity Hotspots” and even given such names like “Gardens of the World”.

It’s often hard to actually imagine the scope of such an impressive wealth in Biodiversity when reading statistics like “87,000 plant species”. So I suggest to go see for yourself! Next time you’re on a hike, or driving along the PCH, even in your very own backyard, take a moment to look around and appreciate the beautiful complexity and diversity of life in the place that many of you reading this article call home. 

Riviera’s are arguably the most beautiful landscapes, but living in the Malibu Riviera, you get to experience something that can not be found in 98% in the world.

Our listing, 23038 Pacific Coast Highway, is particularly unique in that it sits adjacent to one of California’s last standing natural Estuaries. Estuaries are buffers between the land and sea where fresh and saltwater mix. Many species can be found only in these areas as they act as refuge for important fish species and migratory birds. By owning this property, you get to enjoy one of California’s most unique natural habitats!


Where you can experience this TODAY!: 

Hiking Trails: 

     Charmlee wilderness Park

     Solstice Canyon

     Escondido Falls Trail

Ecological Hotspot:

     Malibu Lagoon State beach