Ever wondered what it’s like to live in Western Malibu? Well, 31518 Anacapa View Drive is the perfect property to experience not only sprawling views of serene ocean, but also take full advantage of the plethora of activities and interesting locations that make Western Malibu the breathtaking stretch of coast line that it’s famously known for.

In the summer when it’s hot, an easy way to cool down is going to the beach. Luckily, Western Malibu is far from shy of having an abundant amount of stunning beaches. Just a five to ten minute drive you can find yourself at the world famous Zuma Beach. Zuma Beach offers a 1.8 mile stretch of soft sand beach, the longest stretch of soft sand beach in Malibu, perfect for picnics, sunset walks, shorebreak surf, and relaxation. An even shorter drive from the property you can find yourself at Broad Beach. Broad Beach offers much of the same soft sand walkability of Zuma but because of its more hidden access paths, the beach is quiet with many places to relax. When the tide is low, explore the reefs that are otherwise hidden by the waters. Arguably one of the most beautiful beaches, El Matador, also a five to 10 minute drive from the property, offers a different beach going experience with beautiful sea stacks and rock cave arches.

If you end up spending too much time at the beach and become hungry, don’t worry because Trancas Market is right down the road. At Trancas Market you can, “Enjoy a local shopping and dining destination that celebrates western Malibu’s laid-back lifestyle, elegance, and community with charming retail and café attractions”. Here you can find the local supermarket Vintage Grocers, Strabucks, Kristy’s Cafe, and various other handcrafted boutique stores if you feel like shopping.

If you want to get away from the beach and feel like exploring the Santa Monica Mountains, fortunately Western Malibu is home to a network of stunning hiking trails and parks that scatter the mountainside. The great expanse of the Charmlee Wilderness Park is a “532 acres park within the best of the Santa Monica Mountains Coastal Slope Environment. Charmlee Wilderness Park includes over eight miles of hiking trails, picnic areas, native plants, and a nature center”. Here you can explore the beautiful mountain chaparral so iconic to Malibu and Southern California.

Western Malibu is a haven for scenic coastal beauty, mountainscape adventures, beachgoing activities, local shops and restaurants, and is one of the most famous and loved locations in all of Malibu.