To celebrate the Fashion Month, the Shen Realty Team introduces seven standout homes globally, each echoing a distinct fashion statement. These homes either belong to fashion aficionados or reflect design aesthetics reminiscent of renowned fashion labels. 

Fashion has always been a pivotal force, influencing not just our wardrobes, but also our homes. Renowned brands like Bulgari, Armani, Diesel, and Fendi have broadened their horizons, intertwining the threads of couture with interior design and real estate ventures. This seamless blend of high-end fashion with interiors is reflected not just in global luxury brand portfolios, which often include home and textile lines, but also in unique collaborations between designers and celebrities. From a settee swathed in Chanel fabric to an office resonating with Louis Vuitton elegance, or interiors bejeweled with Hermès motifs, fashion finds its way home.

A Haven in Hawaii Reverberating High Fashion

Casa di Alta Moda, a breathtaking $23 million residence in Honolulu, is an epitome of haute couture's influence. Possessed by fashion connoisseurs, the interiors are peppered with masterpieces from eminent fashion brands. From an imposing Louis Vuitton trunk to the subtle elegance of a Hermès blanket, this home is a tableau of fashion. Chanel fabric graces its walls, while a unique chair is adorned with a Chanel jacket and an Hermès handle, mirroring the grandeur of iconic fashion ramps.

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Kenzo Takada's Parisian Abode: A Fusion of Cultures

The Kenzo House, once home to the Kenzo brand's founder, is a mix of minimalism and Japanese architectural elegance in Paris. Built in 1988, it underwent a redesign in 2018, maintaining its ethos of blending Eastern and Western design elements. Craftsmanship, detail orientation, and breaking conventions were Takada's mantra, evident in every corner of the house.

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New Jersey’s Tribute to Hermès

Hermès’ legacy extends beyond the confines of its iconic Birkin. In New Jersey, Jane Angert's sprawling 10,000-square-foot residence stands as a testament to her ardor for the brand. Hermès motifs dominate its interiors, with wallpapers illustrating intricate designs from horse racing to metallic patterns. Additionally, this French Colonial-style abode boasts an expansive swimming pool, a loft apartment, and a lavish three-car garage, exuding opulence at every corner.

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Ralph Lauren's Imprint on a New York City Residence

Nestled in Manhattan is a residence that mirrors Ralph Lauren's timeless style. With herringbone floors and custom Ralph Lauren pieces from sofas to exquisite lamps, BHDM Design sculpted this home into a tribute to the iconic designer. The art deco ambiance permeates every nook, manifesting the grandeur of Manhattan's luxurious living.

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Miami’s Tower with a Dolce & Gabbana Signature

888 Brickell is not just another skyscraper in Miami. It's a canvas where Dolce & Gabbana's creative genius unfolds. From furnishings to finishes, every element in the tower breathes the Italian brand's ethos. With residences draped in D&G bathrobes and the D&G Casa Collection, living here is synonymous with a fashion-forward lifestyle.

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Versace’s Manhattan Legacy

Gianni Versace's former residence, priced at an astounding $55 million, is a testament to lavish living. Reflecting Versace’s signature flamboyance, the mansion boasts Italian marble, painted ceilings, and opulent panels reminiscent of the Sistine Chapel, melding fashion and architecture seamlessly.

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A Chanel-Inspired Parisian Apartment

Evoking the elegance of Chanel boutiques, this Parisian apartment is a vision crafted by Martin Kemp Design. With Art Deco elements, a headboard echoing Chanel jacket silhouettes, and a plethora of modernist details, residing here feels akin to living amidst Chanel's timeless legacy.

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Fashion doesn't just influence clothes; it shapes homes, lifestyles, and experiences. These seven homes are a testament to that transformative power.

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