Malibu Creek State Park:

Malibu Creek State Park 1

This park is not only a haven for campers but also a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. It features 8,000 acres of rugged hills, oak savannas, and rolling plains. The park is famous for its 70 miles of hiking tails, offering far more to adventure than what one can see in just one day. If you manage to take one of these trails to the Mulholland Corridor you will find three famous Malibu locations. First is the old set of mash where you can find some of the set still standing today as well as a beautiful set up picnic tables.

Mash Set Malibu Creek State Park

If you continue further you will come across Malibu Lake, an expansive beautiful body of water surrounded by even more beautiful malibu real estate. Here you can fish and enjoy the water in the summer time! Just a 10 minute walk from here you will come across "The Old Place", an old rustic cowboy tavern serving heart steaks, beers, and its famous clams and bread.

The Old Place

Leo Carrillo State Park:

Leo Carillo Beach

In addition to its camping and hiking facilities, Leo Carrillo State Park boasts tide pools, coastal caves, and reefs for exploring. The park offers 1.5 miles of beach giving you the quintessential Malibu camping experience. From the campground you can walk underneath the PCH to the beach with your surfboard, going back and forth between your campsite and the waves throughout the day. It's also dog-friendly, making it a great spot for pet owners. 

 Leo Carillo Campgrounds

Sycamore Canyon Camp Grounds:

 Sycamore Canyon View


Sycamore Camp Grounds are nestled in a grove of sycamore and oak trees, offering a tranquil and shaded environment. The campgrounds provide easy access to hiking trails, including the scenic Sycamore Canyon Trail, which leads to a waterfall and other natural attractions.

Malibu Beach RV Park:

 Malibu Beach RV Park Camping

Malibu Beach RV Park Camping 2

This RV park not only offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean but for those who are seeking an easier camping experience still in the backyard of LA, it also provides a range of facilities including a convenience store, laundry, and showers. It's a year-round destination, popular for watching dolphins and whales during their winter and spring migration. The park also allows pets, making it a great option for campers with furry friends.

Point Mugu State Park:

 Point Mugu Malibu 1

Encompassing rugged mountains and sandy beaches, Point Mugu State Park offers the best of both worlds. The park's extensive network of trails caters to hikers, bikers, and equestrians. Its two beaches, Sycamore Cove (which sits at the bottom of Sycamore Canyon) and Thornhill Broome, are perfect for a variety of beach activities.

Point Mugu Malibu 2y

Though I one had to choose, we would recommend Sycamore Cove. Although these two spots are close together, there tends to be less camper vans parked here giving it a more private feel. Also while your here, a short 10 minute walk and you will find Malibu’s famous sand dune!

Sycamore Cove

Lacey S.’s Land:

 Lacey Land 1

This private and exclusive campsite is known for its serenity and beautiful natural surroundings. The site offers a unique camping experience with amenities like potable water and trash disposal. It's an ideal spot for those looking to escape the city and enjoy a more secluded camping experience on a private property.

Lacey Land 2

Lacey Land 4

The Lodge at Deer Creek:

 The Lodge at Deer Creek Malibu

The Lodge at Deer Creek Malibu 2

Another private camping ground, you can find this campsite up Deer Creek Road all the way at the end of Malibu, The campsite is close to popular Malibu attractions, as well as close proximity to Ventura for those wanting to and see some of the sights north of Malibu as well. Although you are not allowed to have fires here, the campsite is perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean giving truly one of the most majestic camping experiences.

It’s easy to fall in love with Malibu while camping in its incredible sprawling natural landscape. If you find yourself interested in some of the real estate listings in Malibu CA you may see while camping or traveling through many of Malibu’s extensive hiking trails, feel free to reach out to us here. Whether you are simply just looking to talk to the best real estate agent in Malibu CA, or want to buy a home in Malibu California we would be happy help you with all of your Malibu real estate needs.