There is an exciting and dangerous yet less explored history of Malibu's coastline.  Famous for it’s golden beaches, celebrated surf spots, and coveted Malibu real estate, it may intrigue you that Malibu is also home to the daring tales of pirates. Come on an odyssey back in time to an era of audacious sea marauders, thrilling treasure hunts, and concealed pirate caves that have shaped the distinctive history of Malibu.

Unraveling the History of Piracy on the California Coast

Golden Age of Piracy

Your realtor in Malibu will likely talk about the region's picturesque vistas and affluent residents. But what they may not tell you about is Malibu’s secret connection to Piracy. The Golden Age of Piracy, which spanned from the mid-1650s to the early 1730s, saw Caribbean Sea territories plagued by notorious pirates. However, less known is the parallel narrative unfolding on the opposite end of the Americas and on the California coast during the 16th and 17th centuries. The vast Pacific Ocean was traversed by Spanish galleons brimming with riches from the freshly explored New World. These vessels, embarking on treacherous voyages from as far as Manila in the Philippines, were laden with luxurious silks, exotic spices, and precious metals were nothing but chum in the waters luring pirates for a taste of Spanish gold. The result was a fascinating era in Malibu's history, a time when pirates made their mark in California's maritime narrative.

The Tale of Sir Francis Drake

Francis Drake Malibu

The rugged and intricate coastline of California, including Malibu, witnessed the daring adventures of pirates, privateers, and naval explorers. One such prominent figure was Sir Francis Drake, an esteemed English sea captain, privateer, and explorer. According to one article by the Malibu Post, In 1908 Captain Drake made an astonishing discovery in Malibu. Apparently while searching for Oil in Sequit Canyon, Drake struck Canvas Fabric when digging. Wrapped in the fabric was a message left by pirates stating, “Death to all traitors” and a large iron chest. When recalling the tale about the chest, Drake apparently concluded, “it is one of the chests filled with gold that was buried by Thomas Cavendish and his crew of English pirates, who were accustomed in the dim and misty past to waylay the treasure galleons of the Spanish on their way from the Spice Islands with valuable cargoes of silk and gold."

Hippolyte Bouchard

Hippolyte Bouchard

Hippolyte Bouchard, a French Argentine corsair and sailor, emerged as one of the most infamous figures of the 19th-century maritime world. Known as "The South American Pirate" or "California's Only Pirate," his name continues to echo along the California coast, particularly in Malibu. Bouchard, a French Navy officer to Argentine privateer, chose a life of danger, thrill, and unpredictability. In 1818, Bouchard embarked on one of his most notable expeditions, aiming to strike at Spanish territories along the California coast. His two-ship fleet, the Argentina and the Santa Rosa, sailed into Monterey Bay in November to seize the city, burning the Spanish fort and raising the Argentine flag, marking the only time a foreign flag has flown over California. After his exploits in Monterey, Bouchard and his crew headed south, allegedly using the numerous hidden coves and inlets along the coast to evade the Spanish. According to local lore, they sailed along Malibu's coastline, using its natural features for shelter and possibly burying treasure. 

Malibu's Real Pirate Cove, A Modern Tale of Piracy


As you scout for Homes for Sale on Point Dume, you may hear whispers of secret caves and buried treasure hidden at the shoreline. The captivating landscape of Malibu, extending from Point Dume to Corral Canyon, is said to house several hidden caves believed to be pirate hideouts. Intriguing tales of buried treasures, allegedly left behind by these seafaring marauders, continue to tantalize treasure hunters and history aficionados today. The most notable of these locations is Smuggler's Cove, a part of Point Dume rumored to be a pirate landing spot. While most stories of your classic swashbuckling pirates coming to this beach remain unverified there is solid evidence of modern day pirate activities. Only accessible during a low tide this cove made for a perfect hideout, and that's exactly what it was used for. During the early 20th Century this cove served as a landing for rum runners and opium smugglers while the American Prohibition was still in its peak.

Malibu's rich historical tapestry weaves together stories of Hollywood glitz, surf culture, and a bold chapter of ancient pirates. This combination of history and adventure adds a unique element of intrigue to Malibu's multifaceted persona, emphasizing that there's much more to this beach city than its scenic beauty. The irresistible allure of pirate legends, hidden treasures, and secret caves continues to enthrall both locals and visitors, positioning Malibu as a fascinating intersection where history and mystery converge. The next time you find yourself in Malibu, take a moment to look beyond its stunning vistas; you might just find yourself transported back to a time of seafaring adventure and buried pirate treasure. 

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