Nestled in the Heart of the Santa Monica Mountains is a secret fantasy get away that will transport you right back to the Wild West. Here you can find famous ranches owned by American Presidents, cowboy saloons, an old western town, and Los Angeles last untouched frontier. Lets explore this rich landscape of American History in Los Angeles’s secret Mulholland Corridor.

The Old Place:

The Old Place 1

The Old Place is a unique restaurant, unrivaled not only in Los Angeles but arguably throughout the entire country, a true one of a kind location. The restaurant was founded by Tom Runyon who moved to California during the decline of the coal industry. Tom was a true outdoorsman, passionate about falconry and hunting, Tom would find himself often exploring the hills of Los Angeles always looking for his next adventure. Thats when he discovered the old dilapidated Hank’s Country Store and Cornell Post office in the then rural and quant mountainous region of Cornell.

The Old Place 2

Cornell then, and still is, famous for its rugged locals, cowboy culture, and beautiful scenic mountain landscapes. Tom purchased the post office and then embarked on his next adventure, renovating the whole building into the now famous restaurant known as “The Old Place”. Since the restaurants open in 1970, you can find a melting pot of locals and people from all over Los Angeles mingling together in this famous meeting place that will make you feel like you’re in a saloon straight out of an Old West Film.

The Old Place 3

The food is robust with arguably the best steak in Los Angeles, hearty beers, and their famous bucket of delicious clams.


Cornell Wine Co:

Cornelle Wine Co 1

Ezra Cornell, founder of Cornell University actually gave the now famous area of Cornell it’s name. In the 1800’s a group of former students reached out to Ezra asking for assistance in establishing a one room school house for their local community. The building that now stands today, remodeled from the original school house, is a piece of not only history within Cornell but also a piece of Los Angeles History.

Cornelle Wine Co 2

The Cornell Wine Co is now a family run business, where locals gather to taste the rich wines of the Santa Monica Mountains. The wine made here is special because it is one of the only regions within Los Angeles that maintains a micro climate, something a Malibu real estate agent might highlight when showcasing the how truly unique this area is within the Los Angeles. The artisanal approach, coupled with sustainable practices, imbues Santa Monica Mountain wines with distinct flavors and aromas, making this a notable location to try farm to table wines from our very own backyard. The location itself feels rustic and charming much like The Old Place and will make you feel as if you are drinking wines sitting in an old western town.


Paramount Ranch:

Paramount Ranch 1

From its birth in 1927 this 2,700 acre property has been the home to some of the most notable Hollywood films. During the 1950’s Paramount ranch began the most famous chapter in it’s history when part of the ranch was transformed into the renowned Western Town. This town was featured in classic westerns such as, “The Cisco Kid” and “Gunsmoke”. The ranch was later bought by the National Park Service in the 1980’s where it now stands as a public area to enjoy the many hiking trails that crawl trough the hills of it’s mountainous backdrop.

Paramount Ranch 2

The western town was unfortunately burnt down during the Woolsey Fires but is currently under construction and being rebuilt, expected to finish this year in 2024.

Mash Set:

Mash set 1

The series, which ran from 1972 to 1983, used this site to depict a mobile army surgical hospital during the Korean War. Chosen for its resemblance to the Korean terrain, the set included iconic props such as a signpost pointing to various cities, military jeeps, and tents, creating a realistic backdrop for the show. Today, the MASH set remains a popular destination for fans and hikers. While the original structures were temporary, remnants of the set have been preserved, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a slice of TV history.

Mash Set 2

For a perfect sunday hike, you can find picnic tables themed like military barraks. Enjoy a well earned rest while you explore the remaining set pieces, look over the scenic mouintanious backdrop, and listen to the chattering of stones from the flowing river during winter time.

Peter Strauss Ranch:

 Lake Enchanto

In the early 20th century, the ranch was purchased by Harry Miller, an influential figure in the automobile industry known for his master carburetors featured in the Indianapolis 500. Miller added a stone ranch house, a lookout tower, an aviary, and even a private zoo. He was famous for hosting grand parties during Prohibition, using the lookout tower to spot police. In the 1930s, new owners transformed the ranch into "Lake Enchanto," a recreational resort catering to both children and adults. This transformation included the construction of the Lake Encanto Dam on Triunfo Creek. Despite its initial popularity, Lake Enchanto eventually closed in the 1960s due to competition from larger amusement parks (Disneyland). He sold it to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy in 1983, and it was later purchased by the National Park Service in 1987.

Peter Strauss Ranch Ampitheatre

Now the area stands as a place to hold local events and concerts, with a wonderful terraced rocky ampitheater that will make you feel like you are enjoying a performance from the stands of an ancient greek theatre.


Ronald Raegan Ranch:

Ronald Raegan Yearling Row

Acquired by Ronald Reagan in 1951, the 300+ acre ranch served as a pastoral retreat for the future President, where he indulged in his passion for raising thoroughbred horses. Known as "Yearling Row," the ranch is characterized by its picturesque meadowlands and majestic oaks. After Reagan's tenure, the property was sold to 20th Century Fox in 1966 and eventually integrated into Malibu Creek State Park.

Yearling Trail

Today, the ranch offers an array of hiking trails, including Yearling, Deer Leg, Lookout, Crags Road, and Cage Canyon,

Malibou Lake:

Malibu Lake

In 1922 Bertram Lackey and George Wilson imagined a rich rural community in the center of the Santa Monica Mountains. Their ambitios plan involve building a dam creating the now famous Malibou Lake. The area would serve as a preserve for fishing, equestrian activities and for weekend retreats into cabin stays. However after it’s birth the low amount of water in the lake eaned the place the nickname “The Malbou Pond”. In 1926 however, after a torrential rainstorm, the reserves of the lake were filled, and thus emerged the now famous Malibou lake. After wich, the Malibou Lake Country Club was soon established, serving as a prestigious destination for Los Angeles’s high profile individuals to enjoy a weekend get away.

Malibu Lake Home

Real Estate began to develop here throughout the years, especially seeing drastic growth post WW2. The area began to attract locals and people from all over Los Angeles to get a piece of paradise away from the city. You can now find a beautiful array of luxury homes here right on the water varying in all styles from craftsman to modern.

Malibu Creek State Park and Hiking Trails:

Malibu Creek State Park 2

 The park's standout, the 67-mile Backbone Trail, spans the Santa Monica Mountains, offering stunning views and varied terrain like oak woodlands and chaparral slopes, suitable for day hikes or longer treks. Another highlight is the Malibu Creek Trail, a 4-mile journey showcasing open fields, oak savannas, and volcanic rock pools. The Century Lake Trail, an easy 2.6-mile walk, leads to a historic, picturesque man-made reservoir, Century Lake, encircled by lush vegetation and cliffs, perfect for photography and bird watching. Craggs riad will lead you to a beautiful damn and into the heart of the Mulhollan Corridor where you can find the famous Mash Set. Yearling Trail from the old Ronald Raegan Ranch will lead you through rolling grassy plains.

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