Beachfront Estate in Cabo San Lucas:

In this incredible stay in Cabo San Lucas, you can experience a mystical subterranean water feature and swimming grotto. This pool is surrounded by hand sculped masonry and pillars and can be accessed by a cave through an above infinity pool. The tile work is world class, with complimenting ambient Turkish lighting fixtures. This pool truly allows you to feel like a prince in his own private desert palace.

Cabo 1

Cabo 2


Backyard Atlantis:

Costing $2.5 million, the owners of this beloved mansion designed this pool after their favorite vacation destination, the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. If money isn’t an issue, this pool it truly an imagined childhood fantasy come to life. Having taken two years to finish the project the pool comes with a wide range of attractions and artistic garnish. Here you can find water slides and a lazy river carved out of stone in the style of the Maya. Surrounded by waterfalls and palm trees, this pool has features of their private resort that are identical to those at the Caribbean resort. However if you are looking for a home with similar dream features to these and need a real estate broker in Malibu CA, feel free to browse our listings here.

Atlantis 1

Atlantis 2

Atlantis 3


 Hanging Gardens of Bali:

Nestled in the mystical Bali jungle near Payangan, a stone's throw from Ubud, lies the Hanging Gardens of Bali. This enchanting five-star resort, designed by the collaborative genius of Gordon Shaw and landscape architects William Warren and John Pettigrew, merges luxury with nature. It offers 44 private suites and villas, each boasting its own granite infinity pool that seamlessly blends into the jungle. Traditional alang-alang thatched roofs adorn each villa, harmonizing with the surroundings. The resort's highlight is its multi-tiered main infinity pool, artistically hugging the hillside and complemented by cozy sunbeds. Every room and suite also features a personal infinity pool, offering exclusive relaxation with stunning views of the lush gardens, home to an array of tropical flora like cocoa, coffee, durian, bamboos, flame trees, and orchids that would rival any Malibu real estate. This luxurious haven is a perfect blend of man-made elegance and natural splendor, offering a unique, secluded retreat.

 Hanging Gardens of Bali Main

Hanging Gardens 2

Hanging Gardens 3


Pool Slide from your Bedroom:

 When you were a kid, have you ever dreamed of taking a waterslide right from your bed into the pool? Well in this private residence that dream has become a reality. A massive pool and a waterslide, valued at $250,000, are integrated from the master bedroom right into the backyard. Connecting to the waterslide there is also a beautifully crafted glass staircase. The staircase itself, which weighed several tons, had to be transported by barge and installed by crane into the backyard. Additionally, there is ground-level access from the living room to the backyard oasis through a wall of sliding windows, so you don't have to worry about falling out of bed into the pool. Truly a home even the best Malibu realtor would dream of listing

bedroom 1

bedroom 2

Shanghai Floating Pool:

A terrifying swimming pool with a glass bottom hangs from the 24th story of a Shanghai Holiday Inn. This hotel has a crazy pool with a view, but it's not a good choice for anyone who get lightheaded easily. The only thing hiding beneath the surface of the pool at the Holiday Inn is a huge drop and a pane of hardened glass. Thankfully, the majority of the pool is located inside the structure, so you won't have to worry about the drop.

Shanghai 1



Featured Listing 22355 Carbon Mesa:

 If Bali and Shanghai are too far away to experience a tropical paradise, don’t worry, this home offers a Mediterranean oasis in you’re very own backyard! At 22355 Carbon Mesa The ocean-view backyard area has a large sun-drenched lawn and a beautiful pool, entertainment deck areas, and an outdoor kitchen, plus a special, very private area overlooking both the ocean and the Santa Monica mountains in which to enjoy your own tropical get away in the heart of Malibu. If you need assistance from the top real estate agent in Malibu or are interested in this property feel free to contact us here.