Silicon Beach: The Tech Hub Near Malibu

Silicon Beach Malibu

Silicon Beach, the burgeoning tech hub in Los Angeles, is a major attraction for tech billionaires. With over 500 companies now making Silicon Beach their base of operations, it’s no wonder there has been a massive migration from San Francisco’s tech elites to the sandy shores of Malibu. The Silicon Beach - Malibu connection has created a unique blend of high-tech business and luxury living, drawing tech moguls who seek both innovation (in Santa Monica) and exclusivity/privacy (in Malibu). 

The San Francisco Connection

A notable trend is the migration from San Francisco to Malibu, driven by factors like the high cost of living and saturation in the San Francisco Bay Area. In a Los Angeles Times article, Tami Pardee, a real estate agent in West L.A. says that “10% of her current clients live in silicon Valley, including engineers from Facebook and several venture Capitalists.” and that they come to Malibu to buy their second, third or fourth homes. 

Additionally, many people from San Francisco are coming to Malibu as it offers much cheaper prices that those in San Francisco and can continue to have the same worklife with Silicon Beach just down the road. Justin Yoshimura, entrepreneur and investor from San Francisco said, “Compared to San Francisco in particular, it’s very cheap”.

As another interesting note, according to Redfin, the highest number of people searching for homes in Malibu come from San Francisco. From Sep '23 - Nov '23 a whopping 4, 451 people looked to move to Malibu from San Francisco, the second highest at only 526 people came from New York.

Malibu San Francisco

Malibu's Real Estate Appeal

Tech billionaires, including WhatsApp's Jan Koum and venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, have made significant investments in Malibu's real estate. Koum's $87 million purchase and Andreessen's record-breaking $177 million compound exemplify the extravagant properties that define Malibu's real estate market​​. This trend is not limited to just the mega-rich but extends to other tech professionals who find Malibu a more attractive option compared to the housing market in San Francisco. Not only is it cheaper here, but Malibu provides better views, more privacy, more spacious properties, amazing schools, and clean air and nature right outside of the heart of Los Angeles. So techies from San Francisco are able to afford a much better lifestyle at a cheaper price.

Malibu Real Estate

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